LOVE Word with Glowing Light Bulbs

2.7 BHD

The word LOVE says everything that your Wedding Day is about

so why not 'shout' it out loud with our Marquee Letter Lights 


These Marquee Letter Lights are White and stylishly finished in a high gloss with a satin look to the inset areas 

Each letter is 65cm tall and the widths vary from 55-60cm wide from letter to letter.  All 15cm deep 

4 individual letters - each has it's own plug lead - so you can arrange exactly how you want to express your 'LOVE'


In a straight line across the front of the Head Table 

At a slanting line working forwards or backwards in a featured area 

Stacked with L and O on top of the and E by the Wedding Cake 

Indoor, outdoors, with the Photo Booth, under the trees or at the Altar 


The Marquee Letter Lights each have a 5 metre long plug lead 

Fitted with a standard 3 pin plug so no adaptors required


The Marquee Letter Lights use warmly glowing bulbs to look great in your photos & compliment Warm White LED Lights that most Brides favour


It's your 'LOVE' for the day, express it